About us

T Plus Technologies has been developing and producing intelligent electro mechanical products for Army and other different types of industries for couple of years. The broad product portfolio consists of compact and intelligent controllers, motor drivers, gateways, electromechanical relays and HMI systems.

T Plus Technologies is in partnership with MS Engineering, Electrosolz and WAC Plast Industries. We strive to help every industry reap the benefits brought by Industrial Automations to save time and money. T Plus Technologies offers comprehensive and complete technical services; consulting, mechanical design and manufacturing, electronic systems prototyping and manufacturing, maintenance & training, reverse engineering, embedded systems, 3D printing, and general order supply. Our design services allow you to focus on your core competencies, while we take on all the engineering work. Let us help you create the next great product and choose us as your reliable partner to enjoy our advanced technology, high quality, precision, and service.